In September we were asked to do a multitrack recording of longtime client Nick Amster’s birthday party at the Beachland Ballroom. Performers included:

  • The Robert Lockwood Jr. All-Stars
  • The Wallace Coleman Group
  • Cindy MacKay
  • Alex Bevan
  • Robert Kidney
  • Pete Cavan
  • The Schwartz Brothers
  • Rainy Day Saints w. Dave Atkins
  • The Rumbling Spires
  • John Petkovic
  • Eli Fishelson
  • Nick’s band, the Godniks featuring Ron Jarvis, Mike Balas, Rod Reisman, Ed Marthey, Bob Frank, Bill Watson






We did a multitrack recording, pulling audio off the direct outs of the house Midas console into our Dante networked system. This allowed us to record up to 32 tracks onto 2 computers for redundant backup.

Prior to the party, we assembled 2 CDs of Nick’s music that were given to guests. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Nick and the Beachland!