Beginning January 1, 2022, Bruce will be recording remote only. Since the recording space will no longer be needed, the current Audio Recording Studio –  studio facility, house, property and some studio equipment is for sale (See list below). Listing starts Wednesday, September 1, 2021. Interested parties should contact Monica Arrendondo-Graham 216-695-8695. 

Equipment available for sale

Musical Instruments

Steinway C piano

Hammond CV-3 organ w/ R122 Leslie speaker

Mixing Consoles

Sony MXP-3036


Sony APR-24 2″ 24 track tape machine
Sony APR-5003 1/4″ 2 channel tape machine
Tascam DA-78HR (3)
Tascam DA-38
Alesis HD24 hard disk recorder
Sony DAT recorder
Tascam and Sony Cassette decks
HHB CDR-800 CD recorder
HHB CDR-830 CD recorder

Mic Preamps (outboard)

Millennia Media Quad (8 channels)
Aphex 1100
TL Audio Dual Valve Preamp/Compressor
UA 4-710D


dbx 160x (2)
dbx 162
Symmetrix 501
Lexicon PCM-91
Lexicon 224XL
Yamaha SPX 990
TC Finalizer
TC 2290 delay
Eventide H3000 Harmonizer
Orban 526A De-esser
FMR Audio “Real Nice Compressor”


JBL 4430
Audio Technica ATM-50 headphones