We have been honored to work with creative and highly talented artists from across the country and internationally. Below is a sampling of our work with clients in different genres.

Band, Orchestra and Chamber Music

  • The Blossom Festival Band
  • Case Western Reserve Bands
  • Capital University Wind Symphony
  • The Cleveland Chamber Symphony
  • The Cleveland Orchestra
  • The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus
  • The Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra
  • Kent State Music
  • Ludwig Music Publishing
Loras Schissel Conductor
"Bruce Gigax and Audio Recording made my first professional recording with the Wind Ensemble of the Cleveland Orchestra (aka - the Blossom Festival Band) many years ago.  Since that time, I have have worked closely with Mr. Gigax and Audio Recording on over 30 recordings in a variety of ensembles and settings.  In all of my years as a professional musician, conductor and arranger, I have yet to find any producer, recording engineer, editor, and —most importantly— musician with the professionalism, skill, taste, and musicianship of Bruce Gigax and his engineer, Reed Wheeler.  I don't say that lightly - I've worked with many of the top people in the field, and Audio Recording and Bruce Gigax are incomparable. I sent Phil Ramone a Blossom Festival Band recording after he produced our Gershwin Prize show, and he said--"Wow, what a recording."  Gunther Schuller was equally enthusiastic!"

Loras Schissel

professional musician, conductor, arranger and senior musicologist at the Library of Congress


  • Baldwin-Wallace University Motet Choir
  • The College of Wooster Chorus
  • The Ensemble/Choir at The Federated Church
  • Firestone High School Choirs
  • Mount Union College Concert Choir
  • The North Coast Men’s Chorus
"As a choral arts educator, I feel it is very important for all ensembles to professionally record on an annual basis. This not only encourages the singers to leave a legacy of their best-possible work, but it also enables them to take ownership of their final product and possess a quality recording for submission to professional applications (OMEA, ACDA, college scholarships, etc.) A plethora of technological options currently exist to facilitate recording ensembles. However, nothing compares to the human element behind that equipment. This is where Audio Recording shines.  The engineers are supremely knowledgeable of the compositional and production elements of choral music. They are sensitive to the positioning of voices, balance with instruments and they easily adapt to any recording venue of the director's choice. They also offer a state-of-the-art sound studio for smaller ensemble purposes. The monetary investment is well worth the total experience and final product."

Sally Schneider

 Former Director of Choirs, Firestone High School, Akron, Ohio


Spoken Word

  • Cynthia Bassett Productions
  • Health Journeys, Inc./Belleruth Naparstek
  • No Diet Weight Solution/Dee Wolk
  • Curious Critters, Dave FitzSimmons
  • AnimalHero™, Laurel Herman
"Working with Bruce Gigax and his team at Audio Recording over the past 25 years has been more than just a wonderful experience for me and my company. They invariably accommodate our scheduling anomalies; they continually upgrade equipment and techniques; and they always deliver the very best product possible. In fact, I can comfortably say that for my genre - spoken word meditation with music - there is no better studio for recording, editing, mixing and delivering the most beautiful sound possible."

Belleruth Naparstek

Health Journeys Inc - Guided Imagery

Live Broadcast

We have provided audio for a variety of live broadcasts on WCLV-FM 104.9 including performances by:

  • Apollo’s Fire
  • Chanticleer
  • The Blossom Festival Band
  • The Cleveland Orchestra
  • The Mighty Wurlitzer Radio Hour
  • The Norton Memorial Organ
  • The San Francisco Symphony
  • The United States Marine Band
  • The Vienna Philharmonic
"WCLV, Cleveland's 50+ year old classical radio station, has worked with Audio Recording on The Cleveland Orchestra radio broadcasts since 1965. Bruce Gigax has recorded the Orchestra for broadcast for 40 years. His duties include the recording and editing of at least three concerts per week during the Severance seasons and two per week during the Blossom Music Festivals, plus the regular Severance Hall Saturday night live broadcasts on WCLV. The results have been lauded by stations around the world, by respected audio professionals, by the musicians of the Orchestra and by listeners.  WCLV is proud of our decades-long association with Bruce Gigax, Reed Wheeler and Audio Recording."

Robert Conrad

President, WCLV

Solo & Small Group Acoustic Recording

  • Phil Cucchiara, harpsichord
  • Brian Dykstra, pianist and composer
  • Georgina Gatto, soprano
  • Liz Huff
  • David Kienzle, organ
  • Michael Sachs, trumpet
  • Paul Schoenfield/Lev Polyakin, violin
  • Marcia Snavely, piano
  • Stephen Swanson/David Gompper , voice/piano
  • Jory Vinikour, harpsichord
  • Brian Wilson, organ
  • Todd Wilson, organ
"When it comes to sound, I am an extreme perfectionist and I would drive most recording engineers crazy with my requests for sound accuracy to the original timbre of the instrument. But, working with Bruce is a pleasure, as he too is just as much of a perfectionist as I am. Bruce and Audio recording Studios have done several projects for me with wonderful results. What significantly impresses me about Bruce is his attention to every little detail. Bruce has such a sensitive ear that he discerns even the smallest nuance; the level of sound perfection he strives for is achieved in the recording of my instruments and the finished results are of the highest quality; the warmth and singing sound of a fine instrument comes through to the listener. When Bruce finishes a recording project for me, the sound of my harpsichord that he achieves is total perfection -- full, rich, warm singing, extraordinarily beautiful and very natural as if one is listening to the actual instrument. "

Philip M. Cucchiara

Harpsichord Builder & Technician -www.facebook.com/philip.cucchiara

Blues, Jazz, Folk, Rock & Swing

  • Carl Baldassarre
  • Ryan Kohn
  • Pat Dailey
  • Dukes of Wail
  • Kassaba
  • Barbara Knight
  • Hank Lyman Band
  • Dave Morgan
  • mysdyscs/ Nick Amster
  • Osmosis
  • Joe Rohan
  • The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra
  • Tom Scott
  • Jack Schantz
  • Bobby Selvaggio/Transcendental Orchestra
  • Shanua
  • Howie Smith
  • Socci & Pency
  • Art Stucco
  • Michael Stanley, Bill Szymczyk, producer
  • Helen Welch 
"Bruce, without a doubt recording my CD ‘One Dream’ at your studio is one of the best recording experiences I have ever had. I visited many studios looking for the right ingredients and I found them all at Audio Recording. Undertaking the task of recording my CD - with as fine a big band as the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra- was going to be no mean feat, but you made things so easy. Where do I start with my compliments? First of all, Audio Recording is a clean, efficient, spacious studio and a lovely environment to work in, especially when you know you’re going to be there for many hours! The studio has you -- an incredibly capable and knowledgeable engineer with great ears, a great disposition, and the patience of a saint.  Not only that -- you can read a score! The piano is wonderful and you took care of ensuring that it was in tune for each session. Most importantly, of all your enthusiasm towards my project and encouragement and constructive criticism whilst recording my vocals, resulted in some of the best singing I’ve ever done. I truly hope to repeat the experience someday soon and have recommended Audio Recording to many an artist. Thanks for a fabulous experience!"

Helen Welch

vocalist - http://helenwelch.com