Steinway Model C 7’5″ Grand piano

Our 1893 Steinway Model C 7’5″ Grand Piano has always been popular with local pianists. However, consistent with Audio Recording’s commitment to excellence, in 2005 we decided our piano could be made even better. So we contracted a major restoration of this venerable instrument. It is magnificent!
The original soundboard was carefully restored ensuring that the rich original character of this piano remained intact. The action, strings, hammers, dampers, and pin block are all new. Our restorer, Brian Wilson, who has restored over 100 pianos in his career, says that in his considerable experience this is “the finest action” Steinway has ever sent him. The result is a more even tone throughout the range, a more responsive touch, and a more “focused” sound, especially in the bass.

We are very proud of our Steinway Model C, and we are eager for you to hear how this wonderful and unique piano can enhance your next recording project. In addition to our beautiful Steinway, we also have a variety of other instruments available including:

Hammond organ with Leslie
Yamaha KX-88
Various MIDI modules